Zapper by Sanford

Blue Flame Neon Bug Zapper

The Unexpected End to My Pursuit of Happiness…..
Zapper neon outside

  In 2004 I observed a bug & mosquito zapper in action.  The high voltage zapp seamed awfully similar to the arc that neon transformers emit..  Instinctively I purchased an insect death machine for play.  Numerous items in the shop got zapped, including me..  So evolved my understanding of this absurd contraption..  I hoped to warn the unsuspecting creatures of their certain doom, but no combination of neon text or symbols successfully communicated  the obvious..  So I chose to just go with it…..  Blue Flame Neon Bug Zapper aka The Unexpected End to My Pursuit of Happiness regales all it’s magnificent horrific glory….  So, .. Is your Back porch ready for this overwhelming display of Human Superiority?? .. Need help finding your RV after the races?? .. Wanna show off your exquisite sense of irony? Let the Fuzz of 6,000 volts launching Ultra Violet Photons lure you irresistibly home…   You and I see danger….  Lesser beings see,,,  who knows what the hell they see.. Just sit back and enjoy the unmistakable !krack! of a good idea gone bad………….. This item is for sale !!  please contact me…  Follow Sanford
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