Whizzer neon

Indian mc

In my first year, I was asked to neonize these signs..  Here’s the result..   Whizzer motorbike has Neo Blue tubes to give a more intense blue.. Indian Motorcycles is a wall mount projecting sign with a neon ring on one side.  Both Whizzer and Indian are with a collector in Atlanta.. 

Indian neon

Pepsi incorporates white glass pieces welded (sealed) to both the ruby red and blue sections to stay true to the logo..  Pepsi is proudly displayed in Leo’s Pizzeria of Buffalo NY..   Hires root beer is made with clear gold and white neon.  Hires neon is seen by everyone at Adamson’s French Dip of Sunnyvale, Ca..  I’ve also made a few other neon signs (WoodFired, Prime rib, Root Beer, & French Dip) for Adamsons that will be featured in a future post..    Dr Pepper neon was loaned to The Hop Ice Cream of Asheville before I got a picture, so you’ll have to visit it in person!  Reproduction embossed “tin signs” are the base, and needed additional support.  I vacuum laminated 1″ foam core to the backsides, which worked great and gave superb rigidity and remained very lightweight…

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