Dal-Kawa bromo at dusk

Dal-Kawa & Busa

Luckily for Dale Maxwell (Dal-Kawa’s owner and founder), word travels fast about Light Fantastic Neon..   

Dal-Kawa store

In 1999, as  Dal-Kawa Cycle Center reorganized their product line, Dale realized the showroom’s exterior needed an upgrade as well..   Kawasaki & Suzuki neon signs were built first.   “Dal-Kawa” sign is built with 24″  3-d V-bevel style letters outlined in Cobalt Bromo Blue neon..  Cycle Center sign is black C.A.B. Gemini letters mounted to galvanized perforated grating… Spanning between neon signs is Veep Green neon tubes (Kawasaki racing colors).  The “Busa” neon motorcycle was designed on a photo of a 1999 Suzuki GSX1300R Hayabusa..  I’ve received many compliments for Busa Neon over the years, with numerous Hayabusa pilots noting the obvious pedigree of the sign…  Measuring 6′ tall by 10′ wide, “Busa” neon is Dal-Kawa’s calling card to the world….                     Sanford designed, built, and installed all of Dal-Kawa’s exterior neon signs in 1999 & 2000……

Busa installed



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