Triumph timing Heart

Triumph Neon Heart

Triumph Neon Heart neon sculpture glorifies the engineering and design challenge of the internal combustion engine.
…Precise interaction of precision components,,
…Beauty of lines and curves,,
…Passion that so many of us have for these machines..


Cast in Meriden England in the 60’s, this polished aluminum timing cover once encased and protected the heart of a Triumph parallel twin engine.

Oil, the lifeblood of any engine, is pumped here.
Cam gears, driven by the crankshaft pinion, perfectly actuate and time intake and exhaust valves.
The spark plug firing signal originated from where neon tubes now emerge.
Form and function of the Triumph engine is considered by many to be
the pinnacle of mechanical beauty..

Built in October 2012, Triumph Neon Heart sculpture is made from a
1960’s Triumph T100 Trophy or Daytona 500cc timing cover, part # 70-4630…
Leaded glass, filled with neon gas create the neon red heart.
Flicker flame bulbs acknowledge our burning human desire for exploration and passion.

Triumph Neon Heart has been sold..   Triumph Mercury Heart is available, please contact me.

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