Split Rust Neon sq

Split Rust Neon Fat Bob

Harley Davidson Fat Bob gas tank is illuminated with neon flames.  Originally from a 70’s FLH or FXE Shovelhead, this beautiful piece of machinery has since passed on..     Gorgeous lines and smooth form are embellished with 10mm leaded glass tubing that’s been skillfully heated and hand formed…  My hand doesn’t actually touch the hot glass..  Plasticity and movement are controlled by variations in heat, gravity, and air pressure from my breath.   I used the curved surface of the tank covered with non burn fabric and bronze screen to act as a form…   Once the tube is “bent”, it’s then heated to 500deg f.  After complete evacuation of all impurities, a small amount of neon gas is admitted…  The neon gas is energized by 8000 volts at 25kHz,,  yes it’s flashing on & off at 25,000 times per second.  A dimming circuit adjusts the neon’s brightness.  The “Jelly bean” or “beading” effect of the neon is caused by the alternating current of the high voltage, I have an idea how this happens, but I really don’t know…..    Natural iron oxides, iron phosphate, copper pigments, and clear lacquer color this Made in America Steel..…. 


This item is for sale !!    …… contact me…  $4200 …


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