Aremacchi Tank Angel

Aermacchi Tank Angel


Harley Aermacchi Tank Angel..  Originally from a ’73 Aermacchi Harley-Davidson Sprint SX/SS-350..  With it’s motorvated days behind, I rescued the tank from scrap yard mud in 2002.   Iconic Harley-Davidson curves profile the tank.   Italian build quality of Aermacchi Macchi ensured many years fueling some American wildboy’s exploits…  Form, function, & history were immortalized with neon wings in September 2010..
Look through the fill hole,,, the soul flame is still a-burnin…

..AMF Harley Tank Angel is available for purchase…  $2400..   Please contact me

Notice the photo on brick wall..  -I’ve sealed her up with clear gloss lacquer…

“Aermacchi went on to have success in the Grand Prix motorcycle racing world with rider Renzo Pasolini finishing second in the 1972 250 cc Roadracing World Championship.
After 1974, when the American manufacturer acquired complete control of the Italian company, Aermacchi bikes re-badged as Harley-Davidsons won the 250 cc Roadracing World Championship three years in a row in 1974, 1975 and 1976.  They also won the 350 cc World Championship in 1976.”
“Walter Villa won three 250cc and one 350cc World Championships for Harley in the ’70s.
Aermacchis are credited with 16 wins on the Isle of Man (BSA has 13).
A 350 Sprint took the IOM GP Classic 350cc race in 2010, at a race average of 101 MPH.”

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Tank Angel is the first of it’s kind,  and I have future plans for it’s kin,,
…so if you have a shapely well scarred piece of history,  pass it on to me for a fitting memorial…..

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