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Life is my Video Game

Life is my Video Game is my creation for Bits & Bytes group show at ZaPow Gallery.
I had ideas for video game pieces, but couldn’t find the inspiration..
Being on the elderly side of the video game phenom,  I didn’t grow up gaming.
What was happening with my time?  Everything!  Bicycle, backpack, frisbee,
I made kites, rockets, airplanes, engines, electricity, wood, glue, fire.
I didn’t live with a digital representation of action, or even an analog one..
Life is first person actual..  That’s where I’ve been..

.. “Life is my Video Game” ..
Karen Macioci designed and painted the groovy DayGlo flower.  Purple neon
life” emits a bunch of ultra violet, energizing the fluorescent pigments of the flower.
Look closely and see a bazillion dots, many glow in the dark..
Video Game” is clear glass with argon and mercury; steely blue and cold
as a video monitor.
is my” is black glitter vinyl on anodized polished aluminum, and is perfect for
anyone’s selfie.
The three components are on separate levels, so I welded an aluminum structure
to hold it all together.

“Life is my Video Game” was made in April 2014.  Contact me for purchase.

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